How to COPY of photo from Flickr to WordPress blog

NOTE: this method will allow you to paste a photo into a WordPress post and save it in draft mode.

1. Log in to Flickr and select a photo. Click on it to open.

2. Click the "share" icon located at the bottom right of the photo.



3. The "Share" pop-up window will open. Click on "Grab the HTML/BBCode" to open these options if it is not open already.



4. Select a photo size. Medium 640 is good for most website layouts.


5. Make sure "HTML" is selected. Then click in the box to select the code.



6. WHILE THE CODE IS HIGHLIGHTED, copy it using one of two methods. If the code is not highlighted, click back inside the box to highlight it.

     - Right-click on the code to open the pop-up menu and select "Copy" (See picture below; if your mouse does not have a right-click button, use method #2).

     - Select "Edit -> Copy" from the main menu at the very top of your screen.




7. Now go to your WordPress site and login. Create a new post, or open an existing post.


8. While your post is open in Edit Mode, click the "Text" tab at the top right if it is not open already. Then click on the post in the spot where you want the photo to appear.

PASTE the code you just copied using one the same two methods:

     - Right-click and select "Paste" or

     - Select "Edit -> Paste" from the main menu at the very top of your screen.



9. The code will paste into the blog post.



10. Click the "Visual" tab at the top right to continue editing your post as usual.


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