The Steps: from ArtCall to Image Gallery

  1. Select and download desired images from the ArtCall online database. Unzip the file.
  2. Separate the "detail" from the "overall" shots and only process overall shots for the gallery.
  3. Create and run a batch action in Photoshop to: reduce image resolution to 72 and save for web with medium quality.
  4. Review results for images still too big (over 1 M) - reduce and save these images manually.
  5. Now review results for images too small (appear pixelated at full size) - restore the original file for each of these.
  6. Log into WordPress dashboard and navigate to the NextGEN Gallery Pro plugin.
  7. Create your new gallery and upload images to it.
  8. Compare results and confirm all images uploaded. If not, try again. Smaller batches may be needed.
  9. Sort the results as desired. If the filename starts with artist last name, you're in luck - sort on filename.
  10. Now the image captions. Return to ArtCall and download the corresponding excel spreadsheet for your image selections.
  11. Open the file in Excel and add an empty column.
  12. In the first cell of this new column, first data row, enter the formula you see below, where A2 represents the artwork title, B2 the artist first name, and C2 the artist last name.
  13. Pull this formula down the column until you reach the last row of data. Save spreadsheet.
  14. Add another empty column.
  15. Click header to highlight the entire first new column (the one with the formula) and select 'COPY'.
  16. Click header to highlight the second new column (the empty one).
  17. RIGHT-CLICK and select Paste Special. See screenshot.
  18. Select Values and click OK. Save spreadsheet. You now have a column with desired image captions - in text and not formula - that can be copied/pasted into Wordpress.
  19. For each artwork, copy the caption from Excel and paste into its corresponding row in the WordPress image gallery. Save periodically!
  20. Note: be careful when there are two or more works for the same artist - make sure the correct title is pasted into the correct artwork.
  21. Confirm all images are accounted for and sorted properly.
  22. Gallery can now be inserted into a page and viewed online. Example from 2016:


* Excel formula to concatenate artwork title (inside double quotes) and the artist full name, where A2 represents the artwork title, B2 the artist first name, and C2 the artist last name:

=CONCATENATE(CHAR(34),A2,CHAR(34), " by ",B2," ",C2)

* Paste Special dialog box

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